This has not been a solitary search and would not have been possible without the efforts of many family and friends in Canada and England. Sadly many of those are no longer with us however they remain in our memories. Others have stepped forward to fill the void. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following people who helped us enormously and who made this website a possibility.

  • Ruth Corston
  • Donald Coburn
  • David Coburn
  • Carol Kelly
  • Dave and Anne Robison
  • Don and Pam Sheppard
  • Bill and Alice Bird
  • Barb and Byron Meredith
  • Bill & alice Bird
In and around Plymouth
  • Marjorie Foote
  • Charlie Childs
  • Frank Elks
  • Susan McBride
  • Sheena Bowen
  • Brian and Shirley Pillage
  • Joyce and Alan St. John
Docklands, Kent and Surrey
  • Rosemary Bradley
  • Anne Cauchi
Other family and friends
  • Rosemarie Castle
  • L. Roy Vigus
  • Richard A. Vigus
  • Peter J. Towey
  • Ron and Mary Clark
    (Whose efforts unravelled the naval careers of George Henry and his father Henry.)
  • Maureen and Trevor Miller
  • Gillian Kempster (Cornwall OPC Rame, Maker, St. John)
  • Fred Hancock (Cornwall OPC, Sheviock)

All the others who have added small but valuable bits and pieces along the way.

Jim Sheppard
Stoneyburn Farm
Ottawa Ontario