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GEORGE HENRY-3 SHEPPARD, Edward Louis-2, Sidney William-1, James Wm.0) b. 14 October 1848 at Antony, Cornwall, England, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Vigers) Sheppard-4 d. 25 September 1898 at age 49. m. Harriet Anne Vigus daughter of Edward Vigus and Mary Anne (Williams) 9 May 1873 at St Andrews, Merifield (Torpoint), Cornwall, England.

Henry Sheppard was serving on the Meander in the East Indies when his son George Henry was born. At the time the family was living in a small house at 16 King St. Torpoint on the banks of the Hamonaze. Henry died in 1853 of presumably from tuberuclosis while serving with the Impregnable. This made his son George Henry eligible for admission to the Royal Grenwich Hospital School.

Number 52 (No 3 26 Aug)
Date May 28, 1858
Name George H. Sheppard
Born 14 Oct 1848
Married 20 May 1843
Christian Names of
Father Henry (DD)
Mother Elizabeth
Number of Children to Maintain 2
Residence 5 Mary St., Torpoint
Servitude: In Full
Years 12
Months 4
Rating C. A. Gd
Remarks Died 1853 Impregnable
Number of Class 4
When Classed or Rejected June 1858
Admitted 1 Dec 1858

In September of 1863 George Henry joined the crew of the training ship HMS Impregnable.

ADM 139/674 No 95
H. M. S. Impregnable No 95
24 September 1863
When Men or Boys enter for Continous and General Service, (C.S.) Commanding Officers are immediately
to fill up this Form and transmit it to the Accountant General of the Navy
Christian and Surname in full George Henry Sheppard
Where Born Antony, Cornwall
Date of Birth 14 October 1848
Height 5-01/2 Complexion Fair
Hair Lt. Brown Eyes Hazel
Marks None
Ship in which he entered Impregnable
Date of entry in Do 24 September 1863
Rating in Do Boy 2nd Class
Date of Volunteering for Continous Service 14 October 1866
Period for which he Volunteered Ten years
....of Badges
Certificates or Class, as Seaman Gunner
Extended from 14 October 1876 for ten years

Permission for George Henry to enter HMS Impregnable
Report on George Henry Sheppard from headmaster Greenwich Hospital Nautical School dated 15 Sept. 1863; Character: Good, Attainments: Moderate.


Date 24 September 1863

This is to certify, that we have examined the boy named on the side hereof for his fitness for her Majesty’s Navy, and we find as follows:- He is a well grown, stout lad of perfectly sound and healthy constitution, free from all physical malformation, and intelligent, and we consider him in all respects fit for Her Majesty’s Service.

The consent of his parents and friends has been obtained in writing, and they are willing and desirous that the boy should be entered for 10 years continous and general service from the age of 18, in addition to whatever periods may be necessary till he attains that age; and the boy himself is willing and desirous to enter the Royal Navy under these conditions, as attested by his signature attached hereto and declares that he is not indentured as an apprentice.

(George Henry Sheppard) Boy’s Signature or Mark

Witness to Signature or Mark (John Hyrris Clerk)
(????? ) Captain
(?????) Commanding Officer

(?????) Two Medical
(?????) Officers

(appears to be Captian’s signature) Signature of the Commanding
Officer of the Ship from which
Engagement is sent into Office

ADM 139/674 S-No197 NARCISSUS

ADM 139/674
S-No 197
Continuous Service Engagement or Re-engagement CS27325
HMS Narcissus
24th October 1876 £2.10.0 Official No 62991
When men or Boys engage for Continuous and General Service (CS), or re-engage, Commanding Officers are immediately to fill up this Form and to transmit it to the Accountant-General of the Navy and Comptroller of Navy Pay with the Monthly Return (Form No 41).
Christian Name in Full George Henry Sheppard
Parish Town and County where Born Antony, Cornwall
Date of Birth 14th October 1848
Hair Lt Brown Complexion Fair
Height 5ft 4in Eyes Hazel
Wounds, Scars, and Marks Nil
Ship in which he Volunteers Narcissus List 5 No 479
Date of Entry in Do 25 July 1874
Rating in Do 2nd Captain of the Fore Top
Date of Actually Volunteering for Continuous Service 24 October 1876
Commencement of Engagement 14 October 1876
Period of ditto Ten years
Statement of all Former Service in
Navy whether as Seaman or Boy, with
Names of all Ships and Dates of Entry and
Discharge and when Men also served in
Dockyards, Coastguard, or Revenue Vessels,
The names of the Dockyards, Coastguard,
and Revenue Vessels, with period of Service,
to be states. If belonging to any Naval
Reserve Force, state particulars
15628 Impregnable B2Cl 24 Sept 63 - 24 Oct 64
1568 do B1Cl 25 Oct 64 – 28 Oct 64
50 Achilles B1Cl 29 Oct 64 – 28 Oct 66
370 do Ord 29 Oct 66 – 30 Oct 68
1 Aug 68 AB
1487 Cambridge AB 31 Oct 68 – 16 Nov 69
41 Zealous AB 17 Nov 69 – 23 Apr 73
572 Cambridge AB 24 Apr 73 – 24 July 79
2nd Seaman 1 May 74
479 Narcissus 2nd Seaman 25 July 74 – Still Serv
2 C Fore Top 19 Aug 1876
If the Man has ever previously been entered
For CS the particulars of his engagement
Should be inserted here in Red Ink
Ten years, from 14 October 1866

Impregnable Sept ‘63 - Oct ‘64
Achilles Oct ‘64 – Oct’ 68
Cambridge Oct ‘68 – Nov ‘69
Zealous Nov ‘69 – Apr ‘73
Cambridge Apr’ 73 – July’ 74
Narcissus July ‘74 – Aug ‘76

Dundrum Coastguard Station. Co. Down
Dundrum Coastguard Station. Co. Down Coastguards of Yesteryear

Stations based on birthplaces of children unless otherwise specified.
1878-1882 Dunrum Co. Down Ireland
1886-188 Plymstock Devon
1892 St. Austell Cornwall
1893 Poole Dorset

At the time of the 1891 Census he was away from home aboard the battleship HMS Alexandra at Portland, DOR doing a 10-day period of drill (RG12/1650/130).

Gravestone GHS
Gravestone of George Henry Sheppard, Churchyard Pendeen CON

Died Sept. 25 1898 as a result of injuries received during a rescue the previous month at Pendeen CON.

Steamer in Danger Near Lands End.

Cornish Echo August 26 1898

Just where the steamer Bushy and the tug Warrior came to grief recently, and in a dangerous place which events show again and again requires additional warnings by lighthouse or explosive rockets, a steamer has had a fortunate escape. On Saturday evening, as on Saturday morning, a dense fog prevailed on St. Just’s cliffs. The night fog was low, because above it from the land the stare were visible. About ten p.m. the sea was smooth, the wind S.E., and the tide was half ebb, when the Pendeen Coastguard found that a vessel was ashore on a flat ledge of reeks about sixty yards from the cliff. They fired five warning rockets, not knowing precisely what her state, but these seem not to have been seen on board, Rockets discharged, the life-saving apparatus was promptly got out and taken down the precipitous and dangerous cliffs in fog and darkness, The women and even the youngsters of the Coastguard station, joined the men in the effort to rescue endangered fellow creatures. On the way down the cliffs a lamentable accident occurred, Mr Sheppard, chief officer, headed his men. Mrs Fry, wife of one of the Coastguards, carried a lantern. In the darkness Mr Sheppard seemed to slip. Mrs Fry grasped him by the collar, but in another minute both had fallen over a 12ft. ledge of cliff. Leaving them for the time, the other Coastguards found a safer way down and fired their rocket, which established communication between shore and stranded craft.

This turned out to be the iron, English built, fore and aft 2,000 ton steamer Oria belonging to Messrs Bailey and Lethan, of Hull. She left Swansea on Saturday for Venice with coal and general cargo, All went well until she struck, as described.

The captain could now be hailed from the shore. He had found that his vessel was not making water, and trusted to the turn of the tide and no shift of the wind. At his request the breeches buoy was made use of to send the best local pilot on board. This was done., and the steamer’s boats laid out anchors and made all proper preparations to get the Oria off. .l. soon as possible also Falmouth was apprised of the need of a tug.

Let us return now to poor Mr. Sheppard. A stout, heavy man, he had sustained a compound fracture of the left leg just eight inches above the ankle. But his head was also struck, and for a time he was unconscious. Mrs Fry sustained a severe blow in the head, which raised a lump as big as a fist. Mr Sheppard’s leg was bound up, but unfortunately the difficulty of carrying him up the cliffs resulted in the fractured bone breaking through the skin, and there was much hemorrhage ere the hone was replaced and the wound closed Dr Nesbitt and his assistant promptly aided the sufferer.

Captain Edwards, of the Oria, had completed his arrangements, and about five o’clock on Sunday morning his steamer was successfully hauled off the Bal Lawn reef, and in half an hour more was off for Falmouth. Mr ,James Fisher, fisherman, Bojewyan, St. Just. is said to be the man with local seafaring knowledge who assisted Captain Edwards. Much sympathy is felt for Mr Sheppard, so seriously hurt while exerting himself to assist endangered mariners.


Royal Cornwall Gazette, August 25, 1898

The screw steamer Oria, 2000 tons, from Swansea to Venice with coal, grounded near Pendeen Cove at ten o’clock on Saturday night. the Oria refloated at four o’clock on sunday morning and subsequently proceeded to Falmouth. The women, and even youngsters of the coastguard station, joined in the effort to rescue. On the way down the cliffs in fogs and darkness a lamenable accident occurred. Mr. Sheppard, Chief Officer, headed his men. Mrs. Fry, one of the coastguard’s wife carried a lantern. In the darkness Mr. Sheppard seemed to slip. Mrs. Fry grasped him by the collar, but in another minute both had fallen over a 12 ft. ledge of cliff.

Mr. Sheppard, a stout, heavy man, sustained a compound fracture of the left leg just eight inched above the ankle. But his head was also struck, and for a time he was unconcious. Mrs. Fry sustained a severe blow on the head. Mr. Sheppard’s leg was bound up, but unfortunately the difficulty in carrying him up the cliffs resulted in the fractured bone breaking through the skin, and there was much hemorrage ere the bone was replaced and the wound closed. Dr. Nesbitt and his assistant promptly aided the suffers.

Royal Cornwall Gazette, September 29, 1898

Mr. G. H. Shephard, Chief Officer of coast-guard, Pendeen, St. Just, who died Sunday morning, met with an accident on the night of Saturday, August 28th, when the large steamer Oria of Hull, from Swansea to Venice, ran ashore at Pendeen. Mr. Shephard was in charge of the rocket apparatus, and during the making of the communication between shore and vessel and when moving from one part of the cliff to the other, it being pitch dark at the time, the only illumination being from a few lanterns carried mostly by the wives of the coastguardmen he fell over the edge. The cliff at this point slopes away, and as Mr. Shephard was falling Mrs. Fry, wife of one of the coastguards, who was holding a lantern, caught the officer by the collar of his coat and broke the force of his fall. Mrs. Fry was badly bruised and Mr. Shephard sustained a bad compund fracture of the leg. It was thought that the officer would recover, but he died Sunday. Mr. Shephard was much respected throughout the service, and his loss is much regretted. Deceased leaves a widow and several children.

Mr George H Sheppard, Chief Officer Coast Guard
Promoted Chief Officer, 18 December 1892
  18 Dec ‘92 Pendeen Cove   Chief Officer
  Sep 98?
  Died July? Sept 1898

[Elieen Stage ex. F. W. J. Morris 3 Margarets Close, Barstead Norfolk]
(When Chief Boatmen were first promoted to Chief Officer they were classed 2nd Class to distinguish them from the Chief Officers who were commissioned officers, i.e. Lieutenants, Staff Commanders & Masters, RN. etc. )

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