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Deed of Sale Benjamin Sloot to David Coburn-1 April 1806
Deed of Sale Benjamin Sloot to David Coburn-1 April 1806.
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Fourteen generations have passed since Edward Colburn and Maxmilian Jewett arrived in North America. Six generations of the Coburn family have lived on Keswick Ridge New Brunswick on the farm now held by David Coburn, a direct descendant of the first David who settled there in 1806.

With the world changing so quickly around us, one thing we can hold onto with certainty is our family. And even that is ultimately temporary, as generation after generation make their journey through time and become history. These web pages are dedicated to the memory of our ancestors. We hope this website will foster communication within a growing family, by providing historical information to our new family members, and also to become a focal point for old and new family information.

These thoughts are echoed in an email that I received recently from Charrie Worden a 4th Gt. Niece of David Coburn (1772-1829) and 5th Gt. Grandaughter of Moses Coburn who settled in Maugerville. She wrote...

"Several years ago I read this article [ Canadian Living Nov. 1996]and promptly assumed a connection between these Coburns and "our" Coburns, but how to prove it? When I asked around, there was no knowledge of any relationship, as "our" Coburns had come from Mass. to Maugerville; no mention of Keswick.

However, years later, while living in the Arabian Gulf, I found the proof I needed when I found Jim Sheppard's site: www.stoneyburn.ca

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the 2 branches of the Coburn family came together again when 2 unknown descendants of brothers David and Moses Coburn reached across 200 years of time and 10,000 miles of distance, and connected the halves to form the whole: one family, a common ancestor, a tremendous heritage of courage, perseverance, strength and faith.

The strength and courage that carried our ancestors...men, women and children ... into the wilderness of New Brunswick to establish a new community where none had been before; the faith that moved a church over river ice, that was proclaimed unshaken before accusers in a witches trial; the strength to survive kitchen table operations, and a premature birth that left a motherless child small enough to sleep in a shoe-box; the kind of perserverance, dedication and work ethic that saw family farms and lumber operations grow into thriving enterprises that lasted for generations; the personal courage that carried so many through the tragic loss of children and spouses; life and limb; homes....and the love of knowledge, and learning that kept them moving forward, building a better future on the achievements of the past.

The exploits and achievements of our ancestors deserve to be remembered and recounted; passed on to next, and the next generations. It's the history of a family of like-minded people that spans nearly 4 centuries ... our people."

This is the story of the Coburn, Jewett and related families.

Farm Operators of Coburn Farm's
David Coburn Born February 23, 1772 Died September 4,1829
David Coburn Born September 17,1809 Died December 8,1850
Farm Divided
Side Two
Abraham Tyler Coburn Born November 27,1836 Died September 16,1903
  Fred Coburn Born October 22,1827 Died March 16,1962
  Donald Coburn Born April 29,1915 Died September 26,2004
Side One
William Coburn Born June 6,1834 Died May 12,1897
William Henry Coburn Born August 24,1875 Died September 12,1958
William Burris Coburn Born December 3,1924 Died December 13,1991
  John William Coburn Born July 1,1950 Career Change Dec. 1998
  David Andrew Coburn Born August 9,1960
  George Burris Coburn Born September 25,1961 Career Change Dec. 1998
Farms reunited June 2000
Coburn Commercial Farm Activities