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NOTE: This page has been adapted for the Website from Donald Coburn’s My Line. Use of the first person is in relation to Donald and not the webmaster/author of the site. Subscript index numbers (ex. Moses4) refer to generations after the family’s arrival in North America. Edward Colborne being generation 1.


I am indebted to Mr. Ralph E. Smith of Fredericton for any knowledge of the Smiths beyond my father’s maternal grandparents. They were Thomas Smith born 1788 at Rusagonis Sunbury Co. and Jane Anderson born 1798 at Douglastown, Northumberland Co.

Andrew, Samuel and Thomas Smith were loyalist brothers who came to New Brunswick in 1783 from southern New Hampshire. Andrew and Thomas settled in Rusagonis. Samuel settled in Geary. The following is a record prepared by Janice Seeley:

Andrew married Abigail Tracey and had 13 children.
Samuel married Sarah Tapley and had 12 children.
Thomas married Phoebe Bidell and had 12 children.
Andrew born 1756 died 1842 married Abigail Tracey born 1769 died 1813 both buried in Rusagonis Cemetery.

Elizabeth 1786  
Thomas 1788 went to Northumberland Co.
Samuel 1790 died while in teens
Andrew 1792-1830 Mary Gallisham
Jeremiah 1794-1870 Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith - Margaret Foss 21 children
Israel 1797-1877 Sarah Tracy
Sarah 1799 Thomas Shelbourne
William 1801 Mary Barlow
John 1803-1874 Frances Amelia Smith, daughter of Thomas
James 1806-Ont. Charlotte M. Smith, daughter of Thomas
Solomon 1808-1880 Frances Slipp
Abigail 1808-1869 Thomas H. Smith, son of Thomas
George 1812-1812  

Samuel born 1761, died 1822 married 1792 to Hannah A. Tapley born 1774 died 1858, both buried in Geary.

Children: infancy
Thomas 1793 infancy
Elizabeth 1795-1839 Jeremiah Smith, son of Andrew
Mary 1797- Rufus Wiggins
Samuel 1799-1870 Hannah Boone
William Henry 1801-1860 Rebecca Boone
Sarah 1803
Andrew Holland 1805-1881 Sarah Ann Till
Victoria 1807 infancy
John Valentine 1809- Mary Monroe
Hannah O. 1811-1835 Alexander Boone
Nathaniel 1813- Katherine (poss. White)
Abigail 1815-1893 unmarried

Thomas Smith born 1759 died ? married Phoebe Bidell born ? died ? Both believed to be buried in the Rusagonis Cemetery.

Elizabeth 1792 
Samuel 1793 
Catherine Jane 1795 
Mary Ann 1797 some say she married John Peabody
Stephen 1799 
Thomas H. 1802-1870 Abigail Smith, daughter of Andrew
George 1804-? Abigail Phillips from Tracy
Sherman W. 1807 
Andrew 1812- Frances
Frances 1813-1863 John Smith son of Andrew
Charlotte 1816-1855 James Smith son of Andrew
Caroline 1816 - "infancy"

My ancestor Thomas son of Andrew and Abigail (Tracy) Smith lived, after 1825, at Crock’s Point, near his brother Samuel who was born 1790. That date more nearly agrees with the 1851 census. It appears that the Samuel, born 1793, son of Thomas and Phoebe (Bedell) Smith was the teenage casualty.

The Tyler and Elizabeth (Smith) Coburn family bible has, on a sheet of paper, a drawing of a marble slab tombstone inscribed as follows:

who departed this Life
May 29 1840
Aged 32 years 2 months
and 8 days
Remember me, as you pass by
As you are now, so once was I
As I am now, so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me

Was my grandmother Elizabeth Ann Smith b 1838 named after this lady? Was that Stephen Smith b 1799 the son of Thomas b 1759 and Phoebe (Bedell) Smith?