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NOTE: This page has been adapted for the Website from Donald Coburn’s My Line. Use of the first person is in relation to Donald and not the webmaster/author of the site. Subscript index numbers (ex. Moses4) refer to generations after the family’s arrival in North America. Edward Colborne being generation 1.


John Pickard came to Rawley, Mass. in 1639. He came under the leadership of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, who organized the emigration of Puritans from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to found Rawley.

The Pickard name derives from Picardy in France from whence the family had emigrated to England during the persecution of the Huguenots. The Pickards were weavers. The progenitors of the Pickards in New Brunswick were Moses (of the fourth generation) and his wife Jane Saunders of Virginia. They came to New Brunswick in 1766. They had twelve children. Their eldest, eighteen-year-old Humphrey, was one of the twelve people sent from Massachussetts under the leadership of Israel Perley in the winter of 1761-62 to the St. John River to scout out the new settlement.

Humphrey later appears to have worked for Hazen, Simonds and White, the traders at the mouth of the river, before settling in Maugerville. Humphrey was quite well educated. He was the first and only clerk of the church until 1787 when he may have moved to Keswick Ridge.

For information on the Humphrey Pickard Family one should read Louise Pickard’s story produced between 1935 and 1940.

Louise b. 1854 was her father James Pickard’s junior by sixty-one years and 110 years younger than her grandfather Humphrey Pickard b. 1743. So she was just two generations removed from one of the founders of New Brunswick. Humphrey, like Joshua and Caleb of old, had been sent to spy out the land. A copy of Louise’s story is in the Provincial Archives Frederiction, New Brunswick.

Seven of Moses4 children settled on the St. John River. Two daughters married Perleys from Boxford Mass.; a third married a Brill and the youngest, Nancy, married Duncan McLeod of the Black Watch Regiment and settled on the Nashwaak River. Louise says the Perleys of Maugervillle and the Brills of Grand Lake are descendants. Actually Solomon Perley who married Elizabeth’ Pickard settled on Keswick Ridge on the grant between the Kee Road and the road to the former Red Bridge.

Louise Pickard, in her story, mentions her Aunt Perley who threw Louise’s father, the infant James, on the bed when his brothers Thomas and David were fighting. Aunt Perley was Elizabeth 5 ninth child of Moses4 and Jane. She died at age 89 on 22 January 1849.

John Pickard, the seventh child of Moses and Jane, settled in Burton, N.B. He married first a Miss Bridges and his second wife was Hulda Tripp. He had two sons drown in the St. John River. Whether or not John had more sons is not known. There is possibly another son. T here is a gravestone in the old Magundy Cemetery with these names:

William Pickard d. 27 July 1863 a. 82
Mary Pickard d. 31 Dec. 1859 a. 73
Dau. Mary d. 14 Jan. 1844 a. 27

Moses4 and Jane’s eleventh child and youngest son was Moses5 who came to Keswick Ridge in 1806 and settled on what is still called the Pickard Farm. Moses5 was twenty years younger than his brother Humphrey5 so that their children, all of the sixth generation, were a generation separated in ages. This makes for the confusion of researches because of the use of a limited number of family names. Another cause for confusion is the occasional re-use of a name of a deceased child.

The chart that follows shows the first Coburn-Pickard marriages. None were recorded in the Colburn Coburn Genealogy, which has an index of allied families. Rawley and Dracut are not that far apart in Massachussetts.

It is noteworthy that four of the children of David5 and Elizabeth (Tyler) Coburn married Pickards. Two daughters, Phoebe and Elizabeth, married David and Joseph (sons of Moses5 and Eleanor (Brill) Pickard). Another daughter, Mary Ann, married James (son of Humphrey and Anne (Christie) Pickard). Son Abraham Tyler married Hepsibah Pickard (Humphrey’s -granddaughter). Also Deborah married Nathaniel Perley son of Solomon and Elizabeth (Pickard) Perley. Elizabeth was a sister to Humphrey and Moses.

In all, five of the seven children of David5 and Elizabeth Coburn married descendants of Moses4 and Jane (Saunders) Pickard. Only two married outside the Pickard family. David married Sarah Sloot to become my ancestors and Jerusha married Joseph Dunphy.