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NOTE: This page has been adapted for the Website from Donald Coburn’s My Line. Use of the first person is in relation to Donald and not the webmaster/author of the site. Subscript index numbers (ex. Moses4) refer to generations after the family’s arrival in North America. Edward Colborne being generation 1.


FRANK7 COBURN (Thomas6 David5, Moses4, Moses3, Joseph2, Edward1) b. Upper Keswick Ridge 1869 d. 1950 son of Thomas and Elizabeth A. (Burpee) Coburn m. Mary McKeen off Tripp Settlement b. 1872 d. 1951 daughter of Charles and Jane (Christie) McKeen.

Frank was sixteen when his father died. His sister Annie was then eighteen; sisters Mary and Bessie were younger. When Frank and Mary McKeen were married he lived and farmed on the home place. The Upper Keswick Ridge Post Office was in their home.

After Mary’s father, Charles McKeen, died, she and Frank went to live with her mother Jane and brother Burpee in Tripp Settlement less than two miles distant. Jane was old and needed a housekeeper; the two Coburns simply left their own house in full array with the dining room table all set. But the house still continued to be used as a postal depot. The mail was delivered there and people came and picked it off the kitchen table. For a time Frank kept some livestock in the barns but never lived there again. The house remained vacant and undisturbed for many years. It was finally sold after about 40 years of vacancy. Presently it is owned and occupied by the Russell Hunt family.

Frank, along with his wife’s brother, Burpee McKeen, operated both farms, the one at Upper Keswick Ridge and that at Tripp Settlement. The house in Tripp Settlement is directly opposite the end of Holyoke Lane. The Coburns kept geese along with the usual livestock.

Frank and Mary Coburn died childless and are buried in the Scotch Settlement Cemetery.