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NOTE: This page has been adapted for the Website from Donald Coburn’s My Line. Use of the first person is in relation to Donald and not the webmaster/author of the site. Subscript index numbers (ex. Moses4) refer to generations after the family’s arrival in North America. Edward Colborne being generation 1.


WILLIAM7 COBURN (David6; David5, Moses4, Moses3, Joseph2, Edward1) b. Keswick Ridge 6 June 1834 d. 12 May 1897 son of David6 and Sarah (Sloot) Coburn m. (1) 11 May 1859 Emeline Haines b. 1842 d. 8 Feb. 1867 dau. of George and Ann Haines. William m. (2) 1 Sept. 1869 Margaret Jane Jewett b. 3 July 1836 d. 12 May 1926 dau. of Ezekiel and Martha (Kee) Jewett.

William was the eldest child of David6 and Sarah. He no doubt was born in th ehouse now occupied by his great-grandson David10 A. Coburn. Both his parents died when he was 16. David Pickard of Scotch Settlement and Thomas Pickard of Lake George had been named guardians of the five Coburn children -four boys and an infant daughter.

William and Emiline
William7 & Emeline (Haines) Coburn

The 1851 census finds William that day at his grandfather Benjamin Slootís, probably the present-day Duplessis place. He is listed along with brother Charles (9) and sister Hetty C. (4) in the Joseph and Jerusha (Coburn) Dunphy household. Jerusha was his fatherís next older sister. The old home at that time was rented out for two years to a Lawson family. By a complicated series of purchases and sales, described elsewhere, William was able to pass to his son, William H., the farm on Keswick Ridge now occupied by David10 A. Coburn.

On 11 May 1859 William 22 married seventeen-year-old Emeline Haines. Emeline was from a large family of sixteen children, among whom were Mrs. Edward Hall, Mrs.Parsons, Mrs.Good, Mrs.Sleep, Mrs.Palmer(grandmother to GeorgeJ ackson), Dr. Allen Haines, Miles (lost in woods), Daniel (Duke) Haines.

I remember my father, Fred, telling me this story:

One day Emeline looked out the kitchen door to see a party of Indian men passing through the dooryard. She was intrigued with the appearance of one young man as he looked very much like some of her relatives. To my recollection my father never elaborated on that story. A year or so ago, a neighbour, Daryl Hunter, showed me this story originally printed in The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Miles Haines, Sept. 1850

So Emeline may indeed have seen her brother who was one year younger than herself.

Emeline died 8 February 1869 just twenty-seven days after giving birth to her only son James. She was predeceased in 1866 by infant daughters Harriet and Annie and survived by husband William, daughters Henrietta, Sarah, Lizzie, and infant son James.

On 1 September 1869 William married thirty-three-year-old Margaret Jane Jewett whose brother Robert Kee Jewett was married to his sister Hetty who lived less than ahalf mile up the road.

William and Emiline Family
William7 Coburn Family c1886
Stranding in back James8Coburn and Amos Mitchell
Centre row: William7, Margaret Jane, Henrietta (Coburn) Pickard,
Sarah (Coburn) Mitchell, Charles Pickard Front: David8 E. and William8 H.

William farmed. At one time, according to agricultural historian Ellesworth DeMerchant, he was the largest potato grower in New Brunswick. He was sometimes referred to in Fredericton as Potato Coburn. But his work habits became his undoing.When lifting barrels of potatoes he used his leg to help push the barrel farther. The leg became infected. It got worse. In order to save his life it was amputated.

In those days an amputation was a terrible ordeal. There was no anaesthetic to deaden the pain and very little knowledge of antiseptic. The leg was gangrenous so helived only a few months after the operation.

William died 12 May 1897, survived by his wife Margaret Jane and their sons David 26 and William 22. Also Emelineís surviving children; Henrietta 37 married to Charles Pickard, Sarah 31 who married Amos Mitchell, and James 28. Emelineís other survivor Lizzie had died in 1876. Other survivors were the Pickard grandchildren Frank Whitman 10, Benjamin Coburn 8 and Catherine (Katie) 5.

Margaret Jane outlived William by exactly twenty-nine years, dying on 12 May 1926. She lived in the old homestead with her son William H. and after 1908 with son William H. and his first wife Mary Jewett and their three children: Myrtle, Edna and Helen (and later with second wife Jean Burris and her three children Mary, Margaret and Burris.)

William Sr.ís first wife Emeline is buried with her three daughters in the Merrithew side of the Pickard-Merrithew Cemetery. William and Margaret Jane are buried on the south or Pickard side.