Grant To The Guides and Pioneers


John Parker and others
George THE THIRD, by the Grace of GOD, of GREAT BRITIAN,
FRANCE, and IRELAND KING, Defender of the
Faith, and so forth To all to whom these Presents shall come, GREETING:
New Brunswick
No. 125
Thos. Carleton
KNOW ye, that We, of our special Grace, certain Knowledge, and mere Motion, have given and granted, and by these Presents, for Us our Heirs and Successors, do give and grant unto John Parker, Andrew Husband, Widow MAry Rogers, Henrick Van Horsten, James Sefsell, Darius Dickenson, Amos Dickenson, Arden Dickenson, Zachariah Sickles, Thomas Staples, Henry Staples, Frances Staples, John Williams, Gilbert Wiliams, Ignatius Backstader, Andrew Dixon, and James Callahan, Solomon Kendal, John W. Farland, Eli Benedict, John Evans, Samuel Grant and William Manning, Patrick Wall, Ebenezer Brown, Abraham Close, John, Bidvle, Arthur Nichloson, Jonathan Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence, Samuel Richard Wilson, Samuel Shepherd, John McDonald, Jonathan Williams, John Taylor, James Burrows, Charles Gunter, Domminck Finn, Daniel burns, William Augustus McMichael, John McEwan, Michael Knopp, Abraham Lunt, Jonathan Brown, Michael Ryer, Henry Green, Samuel Crawford, Abijah Ingram, Levi Parsons, John Fisher, James Leech, John Lunt, Alexander Gray, Malcom Stewart, Charles Earle, John Lawrence, Isaac Leech, Joseph Hart, Benjamin Ingram, Josiah Gilbert, Silvanus Brown, Amos Morris, Nathan Messicků

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