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In the years following the Revolutionary War the British government in an effort to defend the region against threats of invasion from the new American nation offered to settle disbanded soldiers along the Saint John River where farms could be established and the wilderness cleared. Blocks of land each roughly twelve miles square were granted to disbanded regiments. In 1788 Block 3 was granted to John Parker and others for the Guides and Pioneers. Lot twenty seven containing Five hundred and fifteen acres was granted to Eli Benedict. The mid section of this grant was purchased by David Coburn in 1806 from Benjamin and Jane Sloot for £60.

Lot 27 Guides & Pioneers

Portion of the map attached to the 1788 land grant to the Guides and Pioneers showing Lot 27 granted to Eli Benedict.

In a grant of land made in 1799 the brothers Daniel and Thomas Jewett of Maugerville received three lots totalling over 600 acres. Thomas Jewett and his brother Daniel were sons of Daniel and Abigail Jewett. Thomas was born 1 September 1776. The grant of 1799 reads as follows:

It is interesting to note that many of these early grants were described as wooded. Notations such as Hemlock, Maple, Beech or Sapling are common

Daniel Jewett received lots 6, 7, 8 a total of 618 acres in all.

After the actual grants were made a number of restrictions and stipulations concerning the possession, maintenance and improvement of the lands are outlined:

The grant of 1799 deals with land along the Macnaquac Creek. most of the land along the hide itself and the Keswick River had been granted by an earlier grant made in 1788. The property now occupied by the Coburn family was part of this earlier grant.

Daniel Jewett and his brother Thomas occupied their grant (in 1802. Two years later they built the first grist mill, which together with their saw mill was of immense value to the new settlement. Thomas Jewett married the following year on July 5th Catherine Albright. They had 11 sons and 2 daughters. One son Johns, born 26, April 1804 married Elizabeth Elliot from Kingsclear on November 3, 1831. She was the daughter of John and Katherine (Albright) Elliot. Another son Ezekiel, born 21, February 1807, married Martha the daughter of John and Mary Kee who came to Keswick Ridge form Donegal Ireland where she was born Feb. 9, 1817. They were married January 21, 1836.

David, brother of Stephen, purchased land in the area and is recorded as a resident of the Ridge, Queenshor'o in the baptism Regiser of Wilmont United Methodist) Church in Fredericton.

Phebe Coburne b. 27 Dec. 1797
Abraham Tiler Coburn b. 26 Aug 1800
Elizabeth Coburn b. 27 July 1802
Children of David & Elizabeth Coburne, Ridge, Queensbor'o' o, who were all baptized in the Name of the Father, son, & Holy Ghost. Feby 14, 1804.
Willm Bennett

David Coburn obtained the property still held by his descendents in 1806 from Benjamin Sloot. This land was originally granted to Eli Benedict in the grant of 1788. Later it was sold to Abraham Yerxa, who sold a portion to Benjamin Sloot.

Deed of Sale Benjamin Sloot to David Coburn1 April 1806


The land purchased by David Coburn in 1806 came into the hands of a son David who was born in 1809, after his father's death in 1827. David and his wife Sarah, the daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Sloot had five children; William born 1834, Abraham Tyler born 1836, Benjamin, Charles born 1844, and Betty Caroline. David Coburn died in 1850 at the age of 41, his obituary appears in the New Brunswick Reporter of December 13, 1850.

At his residence in Parish of Douglas on 'Thurs the 5th inst. Mr. David Coburn age 41 yrs. leaving five orphan children to mourn their loss.

Under the provisions of his will the farm passed an to the sons. William and Abraham remained on the farm. Benjamin became a well known and respected doctor in the community. Charles stayed on the Ridge, in the census of 1861 he appears as a lodger in the home of Robert Sloot.

The farm prospered under the management of William and Abraham. The 1861 census of the Parish of Douglas gives a record of the lands held and production of the farm.