Petition of Stephen Coburn

To His Excellency Thomas Carleton Esq. Governor of the Province of New Brunswick &c. &c. &c.

The Memorial of Stephen Coburn Most Respectively Herewith

That your Petitioner hath Resided in This Province For the Space of Eight Years and hath Never been So Fortunate As To Receive Any of His Majesty's Donations of Lands and Hath Lately Petitioned Your Excellency for Lands in a Memorial with John Barker & Samuel Mores Referring to Vim Smith & Others For a Vacant Piece of Land Lying Between Madam Kisaway and Mackdequack Creek Your Memorialst Being Overlooked In the Said Memorial and was not minited by Council Although an Order of Survey was Issued and a Number of Lotts Laid Out and one in Particular for your Memorialist Your Petitioner Prays Your Excellency would confirm him in the Lott Surveyed to him in Said Clays of Wm Smith and Others as your Excellency Lay be Informed by the former memorials and in Duty Bound He will Ever Pray.

Stephen Coburn

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