At a meeting of inhabitants of Maugerville Sheffield and parishes adjacent held at the meeting house in Sheffield on the 22nd day of July 1788.

1 Chose Israel Perley Esq. Chairman

2d1y Chose David Burpee clerk for the meeting

3dly A number of the society having already proceeded by subscription to make provision for the board of the Revd. Messrs James and Milton or one of them during the term of one year-- wherein each subscriber obligated himself to pay a portion of the expense according to his interest-proceeded to subscribe for a Sallery for them for one year.

4thly voted that David Burpee Zebulon Estey and Asa Perley be a committee to wait upon the Rev. Messrs James and Milton to return them the thanks of this society and to agree with them to supply us with preaching till the first of June next.

5th voted to have a collection once a month and that the subscribers wrap their money in paper with their names wrote therein and that Mr. Daniel Jewett and Deacon Humphry Pickard manage the collection take an account of the money and pay the same to the ministers--Lastly voted to dismiss the meeting."

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