To his Excellency Thomas Carleton
Commander in Chief of the Province of New Brunswick etc.

The Memorial of Moses Coburn, John Watson, and David Burpee Agents or 'trustees for the dissenting Protestants in Maugerville, humbly shewth:

That in the fifth allotment of the town of Maugerville it was the Special direction of the Government of Nova Scotia that four lots or shares in Sd Town should be reserved.

One as a Glebe for the Church of England, One for dissenting Protestants, One for the maintenance of a school, and one for the first settled minister in the place.

That conformable to the said direction the following Lotts were set apart viz: the lot No 15, No. 90, No 60 and No. 90. all which were held sacred and involate for twenty years.

That the Lot No. 15 was, in the year 1764, fixed as a glebe for the dissenters, and improvements were then begun by the society; and have been proceeding to this day.

That there is now about forty acres in the said lot, well cleared and under good cultivation, which is leased by your memoralists in behalf of said society.

That about two years ago it was agreed by the wardens and vestry of the Church of England in Maugerville and a committee of the dissenters in Sd. Town: That lot No. 15 should be considered as a Globe for the dissenters, No. 90 as a Glebe for the Church of England, No 50 for the maintenance of a school and No. 60 for the first settled minister. All of which have been considered and occupied accordingly except Lot No. 50, which bath, (by some Mistake) been granted to the heirs of the late Mr. John Sayer, as a settled minister in Sd. Town.

That the body of dissenters in Maugerville, having been in possession of the aforesaid Lot No. 15 for twenty-two years past, and made improvements thereon, have occupied a certain part thereof a pulick burial `ground, Building a meeting house, etc. and having lately sent to Europe for a minister which they expect will arrive next spring to officate among them, giving encouragement to his having use or benefit of said lot.

Your petitioners therefore humbly beg that your Excellency will grant (or confirm) the Lot No. 15 to the said Society for the purposes afore mentioned.

And your memorialists, together with the Society as in Duty bound will ever pray."

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