MAUGERVILLE, June ye 17, year 1779
We who through the exceeding riches of the grace and patience of God do continue to be a professing church of Christ being now assembled in the holy Presence of God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, after humble confession of our manifold breaches of the Covenant, before the Lord our God and earnest supplication for pardoning mercy through the blood of Christ and deep acknowledgement of our great unworthiness to be the Lord's Covenant People, also acknowledging our own inability to keep covenant with God or to perform any spiritual duty unless the Lord Jesus do enable us thereto by his spiritual dwelling in us, and being awfully sensible that it is a dreadful thing for sinful dust and ashes personally to transact with the infinitely glorious Majesty of Heaven and Earth.

We do in humble confidence of his gracious assistance and acceptance through Christ; each one of us for ourselves and jointly as the church of the Living God explicitly renew our Covenant with God and one with another and after perusing, the Covenant on which this church was at first gathered, we do cordially adhear to tie sae, both in matters of faith aid discipline; and whereas some provoking evils have crept in among us which has been the procuring causes of the divisions and calamitys that God has sent or permited in this place, especially the neglect of of a close walk with God and a watchfulness over our brother. we desire from our hearts to bewail it before the Lord and humbly to entreat for pardoning mercy through the blood of the Everlasting Covenant, and we do heartily desire by God's grace to reform these evils or whatsoever else have provoked the eyes of God's glory among: us.
Daniel Palmer,jr. Israel Perley Sam'l Whitney
Peter Mooers Daniel Jewett Daniel Palmer
Jabez Nevers Jacob Barker Jr. Jacob Palmer
Moses Coburn Asa Perley Humphrey Pickard
Benjm. Brown Jonathan Burpee Edward Coye


Mary Barker Hannah Coburn Hannah Noble
Jane Pickard Lydia Whitney Ana Coy
Abigail Jewett Lydia Jeheson Elizbth. Palmer

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