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For the first ten years the Maugerville church had no settled minister. The worship of God was kept up by the deacons and elders on the Sabbath, by praying, reading sermons and singing. These early church functions were led by Deacon Jonathan Burpee.

In 1769, the Rev. T. Wood of Annapolis visited the community. In his report to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) in London he remarks that at a service held at Maugerville there were over 200 persons in attendance. Among them:

Gervas Say Samuel Upton John Estey
Richard Estey Israel Estey Moses Coburn
Edward Burpee Joseph Barker Sr. Ebenezer Briggs
Samuel Whitney Joseph Barker Silvanus Plummer
Jermiah Burpee Thomas Burpee Jacob Barker Jr.
Daniel Jewett David Burpee Moses Rickard
Humphrey Pickard J. Barker Jr. Nathan Smith
Thomas Barker Job Watson Daniel Palmer Sr.
Daniel Palmer Jr. Abijah Palmer Samuel Nevers Sr.
Peter Mooers William McKeen Jabez Perley
Jesse Chryster Enoch Dow Francis Peabody
Stephen Peabody William Davidson Asa Perley
Nicholas Rideout John Pickard Richard Barlow
L Nehemiah Beckwith Alex Tapley Benj. Brawn
Samuel Nevers Jr. Oliver Perley James Woodman

Before the arrival of a permanent minister in the community the settlers depended upon the services of itinerant preachers such as the Rev. Zephaniah Briggs and Samuel Webster. Among the records found in the old Pickard house at the Mouth of Keswick is a bill from Daniel Jewett who accompanied the Rev. Mr. Briggs down the Saint John River in 1770.

Maugerville 1770. The signers of the Bond Clearing the former Charges of the ministers Detter to me Daniel Jewett for four days in going Down the River with Mr. Briggs at 2/6 Day."

October 1774 the above acct. is allowed

Phil Nevers Peter Mooers

Debts such as this were paid from funds collected from the church members by subscription. One such record of subscription was also found among the "Pickard Papers."

"We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the town of Maugerville being desirous to pay such sums of money as the town is now indebted to ministers that have formerly preached the Gospel in said town Particularly Samuel Webster and Zeph Briggs and we do hereunder certify that we will Each of us pay such sum or sums as we hereunto Subscribe for Discharging the above Debts."

Maugerville :November 1772 :s:p
Jonathan Burpee0:15:0
Elijha Nevers0:5:0
Jacob Barker0:10:0
Moses Pickard0:10:0
Daniel Jewett0:16:0
Hugh Quinton0:10:0
Moses Coburn Paid 0:5:00:18:0
David Burpee0:5:0
Nathaniel Barker0:7:0
Isaac Stickney0:5:0
Humphrey Pickard0:5:0
John Smith0:8:0
Jonathan Burpee0:5:0
Richard Estey Jr.0:5:0
Daniel Palmer0:5:0
Nathan Smith0:5:0
Joseph Buber Jr0:5:0
--not legible--* 
Jacob Barker Jr.0:5:0
Thomas Barker0:10:0
*(possibly Gervais Say)

In 1773 Daniel Jewett and his wife were admitted into membership of the Church at Maugerville. The records show:

"September ye 14, 1773 Jabez Nevers and Daniel Jewett with Abigail Jewett his wife was admitted into full communion with this Church."

1774 was an important year for the Maugerville settlement. That year the congregation received its first settled minister the Rev. Seth Noble.

At a meeting. held by the subscribers to a bond for the support of the Preached gospel among us at the Hous of Mr. Hugh Quinton inholden on Wednesday ye 15 of June 1774. 11y Chose Jacob Barker Esgr. Moderator in Sd. Meeting.

21y Gave Mr. Seth Noble a call to settle in the work of the ministry among us.

31y to give Mr. Seth Noble as a settlement providing he accept of the call, one hundred and twenty Pounds currency.

41y Voted to give hr. Seth Noble a yearly salary of sixty-five pounds currency so long as he shall continue our Minister to be in Cash or furs or grain at cash price.

51y Chose Esqrs. Jacob Barker, Phinehas Nevers, Israel Pearly, Deacon J'nathan Burpee, and Messrs Hugh Quinton, Daniel Palmer, Moses Coburn, Moses Pickard a Committee to treat with Seth Noble.

61y Adjourned the meeting to be held at the House of Mr. Hugh Quinton on Wednesday ye 29 Instat, a four of the clock in the afternoon to hear the report of the committee.

Met on the adjournment on Wednesday ye 29 of June 1774 and voted &s an addition to the salary of Mr. Seth Noble if he should accept our Call, to cut and haul twenty-five cords of wood to his house yearly so long as he shall continue to be our Minister. The meeting was dissolved.