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Although the Jewett family is perhaps the best known. of the early families of Rowley, several other families in our ancestry were people who settled in Rowley or neighbouring towns. One such lineage was the Burpee family. The earliest known representative of this family in America was Thomas Burkby who was living in Boston in 1635. The first actual record of Thomas Burkby is found in the court records of Boston dated September 3, 1639.

Thomas Millard, Ephraim Pope, Francis Gold and Thom Burkbee, being watchmen drinking several times strong water were imprisioned and Burkbee and ( ) were set in the stocks for being drunke."

By 1641 he was in Rowley; in April of that year he was given a lot originally granted to a John Hill who did not fulfill the conditions of his grant. Thomas was to reimburse Hill for a fence he had built upon the land and to settle with the selectmen of the town on a price for the land itself.

He married Sarah Kelly of Newbury in April 1659. They had two sons of which there are only records of one Thomas jr. Little is known of him except that around 1700 he had a tannery in Rowley. In December 1690 he married Hester Hopkinson. They had eleven children. Thomas Burpee died in 1709.

Jonathan Burpee the sixth child of Thomas Burpee jr. and Hester was born 7 December 1699. He became a Deacon of the new Linebrook church in Rowley in 1749. Jonathan married twice, his first wife Hannah Platts, was born in Rowley 10 Nov. 1705, the daughter of Isaac Platts and Elizabeth (Jewett). Elizabeth was the daughter of Ezekiel and Faith Jewett. Hannah died 24 January 1728/29. Deacon Burpee then married Mehitable Jewett, in 17)0. She was the daughter of Thomas and Hannah Jewett.

They had three children. in March 1764 Jonathan and his brother Jeremiah who were carpenters sold their cider mill, lands, dwellings, barns etc. in Rowley and joined Daniel Jewett and others in the new settlement of Maugerville on the Saint John River. His daughter Hannah married Moses Coburn in Sheffield NB in 1767.

Martha Thurston married Ezekiel Jewett in 1718. She was the daughter of Daniel and Nary (Dresser) Thurston of Newbury. The Thurston family claims descent from Thurston Fitz Rose Le Blanc Bell of Normandy who carried the standard at Hastings, and under the conqueror became tenant in chief of the lands still held by the family today. The family home is the estate of Kington in Gloucestershire.

It is believed that Daniel Thurston came to Newbury Massachusetts from Thornbury in Gloucestershire via Bristol in 1635. In an early undated Newbury document he is described as "Young Daniell Thurston is vnder his vnkle." His uncle died in 1666 without children. His will dated 1665 leaves his estate to his wife Ann, and his kinsman Daniel Thurston. Daniel Thurston became a freeman of the town of Newbury in 1678. Also in the same year the name of Daniel Thurston jr. age 17 his son?). appears on a list of "...their names who have taken the oath of Allegeance at Newbury 1678." The 1688 Newbury tax list shows Daniel Thurston owing 3 houses 12 plowlands, 20 meadowlands, 6 pastures, 2 horses, 2 oxen, four cows and ten sheep.

Daniel Thurston married Nary Dresser the daughter of John Dresser of Rowley sometime around 1690. They had a number of children notably a daughter Martha and a son Deacon Richard Thurston.

Richard Thurston's Memorandum Kept at Rowley of the Deaths of his Near Relations.

Oh that when I look on the account of so many near relations gone before me I may give all diligence to make my calling and election sure.

March 10, 1720
my brother Daniel Thurston d. in the 30th year of his age.
March 14, 1724
my venerable grandfather Dresser d. in his 85th year.
Sept. 4, 1727
my sister Lydia Thurston d: in her 24th year
Sept. 18, 1727
my brother Stephen Thurston d. in his 24th year.
Dec. 7, 1735
my honored mother Thurston d. in her 70th year. My mother's death was sudden, for standing up, she dropped down and was not perceived to breathe after. The me month Mary Jewett, Daniel Thurston, and Thomas Thurston died at my father's house.
Feb. 18, 1736
my honored father Daniel Thurston died in his 78th year.

John Dresser was another early citizen of Rowley. he was born about 1639 and became a freeman of the town May 7, 1684. His name appears on an early undated tax list of Rowley where he is assessed 1-2-3 in taxes. He died 24 March 1724 at the age of 65.

Hannah the daughter of William Story of Ipswich married Thomas Jewett in 1692. Little is known of William Story, but, the name appears from time to time in the local records of Ipswich and Dover New Hampshire. At an Ipswich town meeting on 19 March 1648, William Story contributed 2 shillings to the upkeep of the mayor a Mr. Denison. William Story Senior appears on a "List ye names of those psons yt have right of Commonage according 4 to Law and order of this Towne" (Ipswich) dated Feb'ry 18, 1678.

It is possible that William Story of Ipswich may be a son or a relative of the William described in an early record of New England emigrants found at the Public Record Office in London:

April the 6th 1637 The examenaction of Sammuel Dix of Norwich in Norff Joynar aged 48 yeares and Ioane his wife aged 36 yeares with 2 children Presella and Abegell and 2 Servants ::William Story and Daniel Linsey the one aged 25 and the other 16 yeares, ar all desirous to pass to Boston in New England there to inhabit.

The latter William Story may be the same man who appears in Dover New Hampshire in 1637. By 1641 he owned land to tae west of the Bellamy River. His name appears on the town records of Dover in 1648 and in 1653 he became a free man of the town. In 1651 he settled a dispute with a Mrs. Mathes. He appeared as a witness at an inquest in 1655 in Dover. This William Story married Sarah Foster of Ipswich in 1658 and died later that year.