The arms of Jewett of Chester

The arms of Jewett of Chester "Argent, on a cross (Gules, five fleur-de lis of the first, in a dexter chief a crescent of the second. William Jewett of the Citte of Chester alderman and Justice of Peace was maior thearof Anno D'ni 1578, a seconnde sonne to Thomas Iwett of Heydon in Bradforde Dale in the Countye of Yorke wch Thomas mariede Elizabet the doughter to ....Shakellton of Myddopp in Heptonstall within the vicaredge of Holly-fax Com. Ebor' And mother to the saide William whitch William Iwett mariede Margery doughter to Robert Bellyn late of the Citte of Chester wch Robert Bellyn maried Cicelye Doughter to John Poole seconnde sonne to Sr (John) Poole of Poole in Worrall County of Chester knight.

And they the saide Will'm Jewett and Margarey his saide wyf haue yssue Randulph Iwett, bur in St. Wert 23 May 1619, marchant, eldest sonne who -maried Katherne doughter to William Crosse of Chester and they the said Randulph a singer in Kings Chappell and Katherine haue issue Anne & Cicelye.

William Iwett a seconnde sonne to William and Margarey

Jane Iwett eldest doughter to the saide William and Margarey maried to Richard Basnett of harr Eyton in the Countie of Denbighe Esquior and they the saide Richard Basnet and Jane haue yssue William Basnet whoe maried Elizabethe one of ye doughters to Sr. William Boothe of Dunham Massye Countie of Chester knight And they the said William Basnet and Elizabeth haue yssue; Ric., Wm., Elizabeth, 1591.

Henry Basnet a seconnde sonne to Richard and Jane.

Elnor, eldest doughter to Richard Basnet and Jane maried to Rowland Wrenford of Castle Moorton in Vstershire, gent.

Dorothye another doughter maryed to Wm. Carpenter gent of Norlaw in Herefordshire.

Marye Basnett a thurde doughter unmarried.

Grace another doughter to the aforsaid William Iwett and Margarey whoe was sister to Thomas Bellyn late of Chester alderman and justice of peace and was maior in anno d'ni 1577, mother to the saide Grace who was maried to Roger Lea late of Chester ald'man and Justice of peace and was Maior in anno 1572: and they the said Roger Lea and Grace haue yssue William Lea, Ric. Lea and Grace Lea.

And hee the aforesaide William Iwett ald' Justice of peace and one of the Queenes Mates Chappell: reputed for an excellent synging man in his youthe a martchant of great adventures and a lover of gentlemanyle disportes and exercises; maride to his Seconnde wife Katherine doughter to Hammet Hocknell of Duddon Countye of Chester gentlemen, and they are sans yssue.

Shee the said Katherine was wyddow to Hughe Whitney of (Leighton in Chesh'r) and by hym hathe yssue (Rob't died, Arthure, Whitney, Henry, Thom's, & Ric., Mary, (married) to Edmund Hayns of Wellington in Som' setsh' (and) Katheryne).

And hee the saide Wm Iwett saythe that there badge is a nightingale But how or in what sort hee cannot Instructe mee and therefore haue I omytted the setting downe of yt till I may doe it p'fectlye.

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