Two Boys

But as their feet sank deeper still
They saw that they his help did need;
And soon their cries his ears did fill,
And he to help them came with speed.

Their case was serious enough
Though they this little understood.
Soft clay is strong tenacious stuff.
They could have perished where they stood

Soon they were safe on firmer ground,
But they were plastered well with clay
And this was serious, they found,
When mother did their clothes survey.
Two boys were playing in soft clay.
It was great sport, but suddenly
They found it was much more than play.
Their feet were sinking steadily.

They could no longer draw them out
And each attempt made matters worse.
That they were caught they could not doubt,
But they were able to converse

Their father was not far away,
And they as yet had felt no fear.
They saw no reason for alarm
So long as he was working near.

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