The Rescue

Into, the ice-cold stream they went
To rescue that poor boy.
To save him all their thoughts were bent
Their strength they did employ.

They caught the lad, But was he dead?
For he had ceased to breathe.
The outlook filled their souls with dread.
They could not the child leave.

They did for him all they could do,
And finally did see
Him waken up to life anew,
Yet not from danger free.

In their own clothes they wrapped the lad
And 'bore him to his home
Content to see his parents glad.
Then blithly forth did roam.
The stream was swift, the waters cold,
Swollen with melting snow,
As in the Spring from days of old
It to the sea did go.

Some boys were playing ,on the bank.
One slipped, and so fell in.
At once he in the waters sank.
He safety could not win.

The ruthless waters seized the lad
And bore him from the shore,
While ever rushing on like mad,
Exulting as before.

For help his friends in terror ran
For they were helpless quite.
They knew the need of a strong man,
One who the stream could fight.

Some soldiers starting for a walk
The frantic children met.
Not far a moment did they mock
But forth to help them set.

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