The Red-Winged Blackbird

When suddenly a blackbird came
To join the restless feeding flock,
They all took wing, a sudden flame
That all the air around did rock.

What that bird sought I do not know,
Friends, possibly of his own kind,
He was alone. This he did show.
To look for food he had no mind.

With head held high, alert, and bold,
A truly handsome bird he stood
In shining black. Bars red and gold
His shoulders graced in pattern

Just for a moment he stood there,
A pleasing and arresting sight.
Then leaped into the lambent air
On flashing wings, in speedy flight.
'Twas early Spring, and many birds
Were looking for a scanty meal.
To picture them I have no words.
Their fascination I could feel.

Viewed from a window I could see
Them hopping o'er the frozen ground,
Expectant, busy as could be,
And happy when a seed they found.

They were alert to every move
Which told them danger might be near.
They knew alertness oft did prove
Their soft guard in a time of fear.

A household cat was aye a foe,
Prepared on careless bird to spring.
How near one was they did not know
But all were ready to take wing.

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