The Cats

But when a little girl did plead
To have two saved, the house agreed.
Fluffy and Duffy she them named
And in her heart their picture framed

The mother cat of them was proud
And showed her joy in purrings loud.
While hunting in the field one day
Her life was quickly snatched away.

The little kittens, motherless,
At once were in acute distress.
Their mother's sister them did view
And knew at once what she must do

She claimed the kittens as her own,
To watch over them till they were grown.
It was a pleasing sight to see
How well the three did aye agree.
Two household pets, two kother cats,
Had rid the place of mice and rats.
They looked alike. They sisters were
Each clothed in the same coloured fur.

Each had its own especial dish
When fed with milk or meat or fish.
To eat together! No! 0h,no!
They would not so familiar grow.

Each claimed the run of the whole house
From which they banished every mouse.
Each knew where was the softest spot
On which to lie and sleep. Why not?

Each loved to curl up on a chair
And pass the day in slumber there.
Their kittens? They would disappear
The mother cats both thought it queer,

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