He Is Risen

Shook the earth when angel bright
Fearless burst man's strongest seal
Rolling back the stone with might,
Found now in the way of right
Darkening our human weal.

Dried the tears of Magdalene,
Satisfied the faithful friends,
Comforted is Peter seen,
And the two who on him lean
Where the way of Emmaus wends.

Deathless stands he with us still.
Strong to comfort, strong to save,
Strong to work the Father's will,
Strong his purpose to fulfill,
And the Kingdom we shall have.
"He is risen"! Bear that word
Far and wide o'er land and sea.
Sweeter song ear never heard F
rom the throat of man or bird,
He is risen! Fear not ye.

In that rock-hewn sepulchre
Laid thy Christ the sinless one
All the hopes of earth were there,
All that makes life great and fair,
Barred with seal and mighty stone.

Death and Hell did reign supreme
While the soldiers, blithe and gay
Guarded well the Roman mein
And made sure the rulers dream
Till the third th' appointed day.

Rose the sun with solemn eye
Rose with him the sinner's friend
While the soldiers standing by
Gaze upon the tomb so nigh,
Nor their vigilance unbend.

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