The favorite of the world-wide king
Will never be contented
To drink and laugh, to smile, and sing
While others are prevented.

His heart cries out for Judah's hills,
Her temple and her city,
Her hope, her fear his bosom thrills
Her toil moves him to pity.

Behold him far from Shushan place!
His eye with rapture flashes
To see the city, by God's grace,
Fresh risen from her ashes.
In Shushan palace great and fair
I see a young man weeping ;
His form and dress with all things there
Completely are in keeping.

Doth the great Xerxes see his tears?
No! No! 'Twould vex him greatly
From Shushan banished are all tears.
There joy must reign sedately.

Why then doth Nehemiah weep?
Oh friend, that is a story
Which generations well may keep
When earth is old and hoary.

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