No love had he! No love hadst thou!
Thy work to glut his pride,
His royal gifts he thought enow
An empty heart to hide.

Sad seemed thy lot, and hard thy fate;
Yet was in not in vain,
Thy hand was needed in the state
Judah to save again.

0 happy maiden! wise and bold
To wait on Him above!
Thy name a grateful people hold
In everlasting love.
Fair child of Judah! royal race!
We fancy thy dismay
When Persia's lords beheld thy face
And carried thee away.

Thy dreams of love they rudely broke
To satisfy their king
On thy fair neck a hateful yoke
Henceforth perforce must cling.

One long slow year in dreary length
Scoffed at thy sad suspense
But faith in Judah's God gave strength
And He was thy defence.

Fairest of all where all were fair
Thy face and form were seen,
The selfish tyrant then and there
Chose thee to be his queen.<

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