Eli beheld his youth renewed in thee,
His weakness vanquished in thy growing strength :
And Israel rejoiced throughout her length,
Knowing a prophet thou wouldst surely be.

Thy labour loosened first the heathen yoke
Thy task it was to consecrate great Saul,
And afterward the shepherd boy to call
Whose faith and art the heathen power broke.

Great was thy task, and greatly thou didst toil,
The earth will not forget thy pain and prayer.
The world is richer for what thou didst dare,
And thy fair fame no infamy doth soil.
Asked of the Lord, and given in His love
Nourished in prayer, and consecrated vow
In Shiloh's courts thy knees were trained to bow
And all thy thoughts were turned to Him above.

Glad was the day when through the sacred tent
Thy baby feet were softly heard to go,
Thy unshorn locks waved freely to and fro
And thy full presence was a sunbeam sent.

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