Keswick Ridge 1880

EDUCATION The Pioneers were men who knew That schools were a necessity If men their best work were to do, Each For himself and family. They had their schools. The Ridge had three with one upon the Macnaquac. At first there was not one school free. The Government for long was slack, Teachers received a certain Fee From each of those who learning sought. This gave them no great salary, Out it at least a living brought. Teachers of course were from without. The land possessed no training school. They differed greatly. None may doubt. But they were honest as a rule. and some possessed ability. They were an asset to the land, Teaching their pupils carefully. Preparing them to take command. It is but four score years and five Since British North America United was. Some still survive Who saw the birth of Canada. Up to that time no schools were free, And yet on Keswick Ridge I'd say All except those in infancy Could read and write, and truth survey. Soon afterwards our Government Set up a pattern of free schools. That every man was taxed, this meant Schools to support, under fixed rules. This was indeed a great advance, Teachers and pupils did rejoice, And that which had been left to chance was settled by the common voice, Four schools at length become but three. They later were reduced to two, All this made for efficiency, And benefits long overdue.

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