Keswick Ridge 1880

Wild Raspberries

A harmless snake your path may cross,
And fill you with a needless fear.
This might occasion you some loss,
For there are few who count snakes dear.

A half grown rabbit you might see.
It would not fail to interest
One who could sympathetic be
With fears revealed by its unrest.

And it is possible you might
Meet with a skunk, especially
If it was drawing on to night,
And you were hasting home to tea.

It was at such a time I saw
The first skunk that e'er met my eye.
I did not hold skunks then in awe,
But I was caved for friends were nigh.

Skunks only act in self defence.
They do not after trouble seek.
You are quite safe, if you use sense,
And pass them by with aspect meek,

Yes, picking berries can be fun,
For no one ever is alone.
Creatures of all kinds round you run.
This the observing eye will own.
Wild raspberries were plentiful
Upon the borders of the wood;
And picking them was wonderful
When to do this youth gather would.

With many picking palls filled fast
And no one wearied with the work.
And no one wished to be the last
To fill his pail, No one did shirk.

It was an outing all enjoyed
For raspberries are very good.
All knew as they were thus employed
They were securing tasty Food,

Sometimes they found a hornet's nest,
But too late to escape a sting.
A great black hornet does not jest.
And he is swift upon the wing.

To have one light upon your nose,
Or on your lip is not a joke.
All know who have endured his blows.
For days they had to wear his yoke.

But there were other things to find,
A bird's nest Filled with hungry young.
The parent birds are never blind.
They may you scold with noisy tongue.

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