Keswick Ridge 1880


A thick green coat doth hide a shell
That all find difficult to crack.
This makes them difficult to sell
To one who doth ambition lack.

But those who love the sweet rich meat,
Both time and patience will expend
In seeking out so rich a treat
While chatting with a well known friend.

The women love to see men crack
The good dry nuts For them to eat.
Upon such task none turn their back.
It is for every one a treat.

While cracking nuts all chat away
With laughter and much merriment.
It is as good as any play
When time and labour is thus spent.
The butternut is rich and sweet.
It can be eaten green or died.
On Keswick Islands you them meet,
But they are spread o'er regions wide.

As soon as they begin to fall
They should be gathered without fail
Squirrels can carry off them all
And leave behind no tell

The newly fallen not will stain
The hand of him who seizes one;
And if the sweet meat he would gain
A dark brown stain he cannot shun,

But that means little to the man
Who covet does the sweet white moat.
Stains will wear off as does sun tan.
Time can most anything delete.

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