Keswick Ridge 1880


To build the fence was no small task
But when at last the work was done
The fence was all that they could ask
A splendid work for each small son.

On the top rail the boys would run
Like squirrels seeking after food.
This called for skill. But it was fun,
And for barefeet a pathway good.

The fence is standing still and can
Be seen by all who wish to look
It is a monument to scan
Which is not listed in a book.
A great worm fence, almost a mile
Of Cedar rails and not one split
Not one was small! That was the style
The only style men thought was fit.

For three cents each the rails were bought.
The buyers hauled them from the wood.
And this a decent price was thought.
To pay much more no farmer could.

It was a heavy task to draw
Out of the woods the heavy rails
And this the buyers clearly saw;
But there was need and need prevails.

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