Keswick Ridge 1880


Tame creatures ever under foot
While they are young, Each seeking food,
Expecting you have come with loot
Prepared for them, and always good.

And there were ducks, perhaps a few
To please the children of the home
Who loved to watch the ducklings new.
Before they learned abroad to roam

And there were hens, a rooster too,
And these were favorites of all.
The hens supplied eggs good and new
In winter., spring , Summer and Fall.

These sights you will not see today
Farmers today all specialize
And many lines are put away
Since keeping them is found unwise.
And there were pigs, great greedy things,
It was enough at them to look
Their noses pierced perhaps with rings
Farmers their rooting could not brook.

There was a dog, and cats, of course
All favorites of young and old.
All pets, and all a common source
Of pleasure with their gambols bold

Then there were fowls. The lordly geese
Worthy of notice any day.
No gander from his watch will cease
When the young geese are on display.

And he can strike a heavy blow.
With his stout wings, if he so choose.
And his intentions he will show
If to take warning you refuse.

And there were turkeys, a large flock.
Which gathered at the evening hour
With gobblers young who love to mac
Each other in their growing power.
The barnyard four score years ago
As a small circus would appear.
The animals a child would know.
And some of them excited fear.

Horses were Loved by everyone.
They were both beautiful and kind.
They proved their worth from sun to sun
Submissive to the daily grind

The cattle too in favour stood
All save the ever restless bull
Whose presence no child counted good
Although he might be beautiful

And there were lambs and sheep
All gentle creatures save the ram.
Away from him was best to keep
Lest he should suddenly you slam.

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