Keswick Ridge 1880


Backward and forward hands upraised
To hold the thread, to turn the wheel,
Trotting forever till have dazed T
he women paused to get a meal.

Spindles once full must emptied be,
And into skeins the thread was wound.
And this went on continually
Until the last roll was found.

‘Tis less than eighty years ago
That spinning, weaving you could see.
Farm life moved at a high tempo
Each farmhouse was a factory.

The spinning wheel was once well known
To every farmhouse in the land.
It had its value. All must own.
It doth our gratitude demand.

The wool from off the back of sheep
Must first be carded into rolls,
Then spun. If it man warm would keep
When winter holds the woods and welds.

The carding was once done by hand.
No easy task you may believe.
When carding mills met this demand
They weary workers did relieve.

But there was spinning to be done
And this the housewives sought to do
From morn ‘til night the wheels would run
While yard by yard the stout yarn grew.

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