Keswick Ridge 1880


By lighted candles men would read
And do what needed to be done.
It was dim light, but met the need
When earth had not the light from sun.

No better light was known to man
For centuries, as can be shown
To all who will the ages scan,
The mantle lamp was quite unknown.

Electric lights are something new.
They put all candles in the shade.
Their absence we would greatly rue
Candles they obsolete have made.
You might have seen a candle mould
Some three score years and ten ago
In use on farms by young and old.
It was in constant use we know.

Perhaps it was twelve moulds in one
United by a common frame.
A wick trough every mould was run.
Right in the centre was the aim.

Then melted tallow was poured in
To fill the mould, and left to cool.
The mould of course was made of tin,
Each slightly tapering the rule.

When cold the candles slipped with ease
From their tin moulds all fair and neat
And houses lighted were with these
When darkness earth was forced to meet.

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