The Cicada

And so its loud voiced music
May bring to men alarm,
For many voices blending
Fofetell they may do harm

But none fear one cicada
Men listen to its tune
With pleasure its note hearing.
They welcome it in June„

Once playing by the river
Beneath the sluice's path
I heard a lone cicada
Sound forth its joy or wrath.

It knew not of the river
That lay so still below;
And o'er its breast went flying
As if it wished to know.

It lighted on the surface,
Then sought to get away,
But a great fish near lurking
Found it a pleasing prey.
The dank loud voiced Cicada
Years seventeen had passed
Beneath earth's surface reaching
The adult stage at last.

And on a tall tree perching
Sent forth its piercing song,
Unto its mate thus calling
Throughout the Summer long.

It was a thrilling summons
A sheard by human ears.
It gave delight to children,
To adults it brought fears.

Harmless is the Cicada
When in the adult stage
But it can be distructive
Before it comes of age.

It feeds upon the juices
Of grasses and of trees
And when found in great numbers
Much mischief works with ease.

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