The Lilac Trees

I loved its coat of green and blue,
Colours that never seemed the same
And its bright throat of ruby hue.
I sighed that he was not more tame.

I would have held him in my hand
To see him as he really is.
I did ner wish him to command,
Nor would I hurt ought that was his.

To touch him I was not afraid,
And he of that was well aware,
But he on his part was afraid,
And to please me he would not dare.

I did not dare to touch the bees,
For I was sure they would me sting.
I simply watched them on the trees
As to each flower they would cling.

The humming moths did me amaze.
They looked more dangerous than bees.
I was content on them to gaze.
I watched them on the lilac trees.
The bunch of lilac trees is gone.
They were my wonder as a boy;
For when they were in their full bloom
They furnished much that gave me joy.

There honey-loving insects thronged
Drawn by the sight of purple bloom
And the strong odour that belonged
To lilacs, which no art could groom.

The place would be alive with bees
And insects that I did not know.
All seemed to think the lilac trees
Were there as their especial show.

And black and yellow. butterflies,
The swallowtails, would flit about.
The Morning Cloak too claimed the prize,
And others. None the treat would flout.

And there would come the humming bird
With all its charm and mystery.
The humming of its wings I heard
But never once these wings could see.

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