And through the long warm Summer
They laboured constantly
Because they a11 were fruit trees
With fruit to offer free,

And when the frosts of Autumn
Began the leaves to paint
They their brown burs did open
With rugged gestures quaint.

They scattered nuts at random
Upon the leaf spread ground,
And on the public highway
Where children soon them found.

The children loved the beech nuts
The squirrels loved them toe
And partridge through the forest
Unto the beech trees drew.

The beech trees now no longer
Their pleasant fruit us yield.
Their favourite haunts are taken
To form a smiling field.
The great wide-spreading beech trees
Here once were plentyful.
They studded thick the Forests
They made it beautiful.

They stood beside the highway
Upon the sloping hill
To give to it a splendour
That every child did thrill.

Throughout the long cold Winter
They stood serene and proud,
Their naked arms defying
The cold winds roaring loud.

And in the early spring-time
They put on robes of green.
They shot out limbs so quickly
They men surprised I weem

And soon they were in blossom
Blooms inconspicuous,
For they were not ambitious
To have men o'er them fuss.

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