The Shaded Highway

No other place was like it,
A level, lovely lane,
That ended all too quickly
Wide open fields to gain.

In twilight it was gloomy,
And those who feared the dark
On tip-toe would speed o'er it,
Or fearing, just stand stark.

All trace of this has vanished.
The trees from either side
Are swept away and banished,
Though once they were our pride,

The view is wide and splendid.
The land is rightly used.
Man's needs must be remembered
And his rights ne'er refused.

Let good give way to better.
Let better yield to best.
Let man go ever forward
Pursuing truth with zest.
A house, a hall, an orchard
Are standing in plain view
Where spruce, flr, beech, and maple Once stood. They were not few.

The fir and spruce held squirrels
A never ending troop,
For great beech stood quite near them
They formed a splendid group.

And butter-nuts were near by,
And many apples too,
All that red squirrels look for.
This many squirrels drew.

The partridge sought the beech nuts
When nuts began to fall,
And children too came seeking.
They loved these nuts so small.

Across the road stood maples
They formed a lofty hedge.
The road was overshadowed
By boughs from either edge.

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