New Brunswick

Their boles made him a dwelling,
and many things beside,
He had great need of clearings.
They ever grew more wide.

To sacrifice the forests
was a necessity
For few can live by hunting.
Man needs good husbandry.

But greed has had its innings,
and there has been much waste.
There was no need to slaughter
the fo rests in such haste.

Good husbandry requires
that waste be put away,
For man may need to morrow
what he destroys today.

A wise man will be thinking not
Of him self alone
But of those coming after.
May they a friend him own.

The forests of New Brunswick
were beautiful to see
When up the St. John river
Champlain sailed leisurely.

Great pine and spruce and hemlock,
And dlverse hardwoods too
stood forth in their beauty.
On every bank they grew.

For there was none to fell them.
They wore a vast domain;
Where red men lived and hunted!
before the white man came.

Moose caribou, and beaver
And graceful white-tailed deer,
Bear, wolf, and other creatures
a pleasant home found here.

But when the white man entered
this splendid game preserve
He fell upon the forests
his urgent needs to serve.

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