For there were many creatures
that shared the earth with, him
And some of them ferocious.
He could net trust their whim.

Men tried to keep together.
They feared to separate Lest,
left alone, they perish
prey to dangers great.

They had to win dominion
by process; long and slow;
And good gave, way to better
as man did upward go.

The best was aye before him,
ever a prize unknown.
eagerly sought after
with sigh and tear and moan.

And man discovered early
We can't have everything.
The best will aye illude us
if, to mere good, we cling.

Good must give way to better;
and better yield to best
If man is to go forward
and enter into rest.

How beautiful the world was
when man first on it gazed
Space seemed a thing unending.
The wilderness amazed.

The seas were ever changing,
a barrier profound
That thrilled man with its beauty
yet chained him to the ground.

Mountains and hills and forests,
rivers and lakes, he saw;
And he was free to roam them.
They filled his soul with awe.

The earth appeared gigantic
Man saw himself but small.
He could possess but little
and fear lay over all.

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